Planning a feature wall in 2021

Our guide to planning a feature wall in 2021

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We all know that feature walls are a design trend that is catching on like wildfire. business and homeowners alike are embracing this new trend in their homes and commercial spaces, but there can be a lot of confusion about the process. There are so many details to take into account to make sure you get a truly unique end product. in this blog, we will share insight into our top tips that will help you design a breathtaking feature wall.

Do your research
Before you commit to a feature wall do your research, there are so many amazing media walls out there that you can take inspiration from, we suggest using something like Pinterest or Instagram to get a feel for current design trends. The amazing thing about creating a feature wall is that every single detail can be chosen by you so it pays dividends to firstly do some research.

 Pick your materials
everyone’s taste is completely different when it comes to how envision their dream space, and when it comes to home improvements like this most people haven’t ever created a project from start to finish as well. We love feature walls as you can be so creative and bring your personality out in your home, some of the materials we are seeing in fashion with feature walls are:
Venetian plastering – This is a type of Polished plaster that can be versatile you can achieve most colours and textures with Venetian plaster so whether you want it to look like a sheet of marble, or be distressed like concrete you can do anything.
Tiles – Many of our clients chose to have their feature walls tiled with luxury tiles, check our gallery to see one of our most recent jobs we completed with tiles.
wallpaper – some of our clients over the last year have used designer wallpaper as a backdrop to their feature wall which looks great, as it will be used only on a smaller portion of the wall we would always recommend pushing the boat out to get something special.

AV Planning
 – one thing you need to think about when designing a feature wall is what you need in terms of running your lights, tv, gaming consoles and any sound systems so storage provision can be made inside the wall to house your boxes and wires safely without causing any fire safety issues.

Feature wall design
when creating a bespoke feature wall one of the things we would always ask you to do is think about what you would like it to look like? We have worked with various sports stars over the last year that have utilised space on the feature wall to showcase medals trophies and belts, but equally, we could come up with ideas to showcase anything you wanted.

Are you having a fire?
this is probably the biggest point to think about on the list, having a fire can become a focal point for your space however this is something that can become expensive, good quality fires range in price from £500-£4000. we personally always think the projects that incorporate a fire look much better than the ones without so would suggest having one but you will need to factor it into your budget.

Lighting is something that should be well considered in planning a feature wall. usually, the reason our customers want a feature wall is to create an amazing space to host friends and family, which will usually be at night meaning lighting is something you will want to think about to make sure day or night your feature wall is seen in all its glory.

By now we hope you are excited at the endless possibilities when it comes to making a feature wall, whether it is for space for you to relax in or a space to entertain and host guests there is so much potential around what can be done. One thing we would also hope you had realised by now is how much work it takes to create a feature wall and how many trades you might potentially need depending on your design but at Feature Wall Scotland we carry all trades in house ranging from joiners and builders to plasterers and electricians meaning we can offer you a turnkey solution regardless of how complicated your design is we can project manage it ourselves and offer you peace of mind over the workmanship. if you would like a free quote then get in touch and we can discuss your ideas in more detail.

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