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We have been in home improvements for a long time so thought why not try and write a home improvement guide and shine some light on some of the good guys we have met along the way. in this blog, we will talk about some of the best home improvements you can do to your home in Glasgow and highlight some of our suggestions for who you could use.

1 Freshen up your exterior walls

2 transform your roof 

3 electric heating – the future for Scottish homes 

4 extend your property – adding bricks and mortar will increase the value of your home

5 thought about a heat pump? – RHI making it more appealing than ever

6 remodel your kitchen – get the look for less 

7 get a new bathroom 

8 our favourite on the list – create a luxury feature wall

 Freshen up your exterior walls 

The outside of your home is the first thing a visitor or passerby will see of your home, and can really play a big part in forming their first impressions of a building. We have some top tips on how to create an amazing first impression and get the wow factor. regardless of where you stay in Scotland your home or building will become jaded and grey eventually you need to think carefully about how you address the problem.

Protective wall coatings 

This is a specialist type of paint that covers exterior walls and comes in a range of colours to suit every taste. It is a perfect alternative to masonry paint as it is guaranteed to last 10-20 years depending on the brand you select meaning you will have a minimum of maintenance thereafter. Some Brands like ProPERLA are even recognised by the home energy trust as being energy saving by stopping water or moisture entering your home it creates a thermal insulated barrier.


roughcasting or rendering as it is usually known is a classic way to cover the outside of homes in Scotland, it is also known as harling on the east of Scotland. Many different finishes can be created with roughcasting whether you want a smooth rendered finish or pebble-dashed there are many possibilities, for more information on transforming your homes exterior walls check out www.wallcoatingscotland.com

Transform your roof

Roof coating is another way to transform your homes kerb appeal, being in Scotland the cold damp weather will leave your roof looking tired and usually covered in moss or lichens as the years go by. Renotec roof coatings are similar to wall coatings in the sense that the finish is sprayed on and comes in a range of colours and will then act as a protective barrier to your home. Having your roof coated professionally can extend the lifespan of your roof considerably whilst also providing one of the nicest houses on your street. www.roofcoatingscotland.co.uk

 Electric Heating

if you are thinking of changing your boiler or your heating system you may want to think about swapping out your gas system for a new eco-friendly electric system. Gas boilers will start to be phased out in the UK as soon as 2025-2030 making way for new electric systems. Traditionally people who had electric heating in their home chose to do so because they may be live in an off-gas area and only had limited choices but with the new changes coming within the foreseeable future we highly recommend anyone changing their heating to at least get a quote and price it up against a gas system. www.electricheatersscotland.co.uk

 Extend your property 

when it comes to adding space to your home you are only really limited by your budget and creativity. adding space to your home is one of the classic ways to increase your homes value, so whether you are converting a loft or garage or adding an extension you can create a space that suits you and your family. we have worked with Yesss home improvements various times over the years and they are reputable within this space.

Thought about a heat pump?

heat pumps are an interesting topic and are probably something you will either thought of yourself or at least know someone that has installed a heat pump over the last year. the reason they are in fashion just now is down to a few different things, mainly saving money on your energy bills and the RHI scheme which incentivises the use of renewable energy.

Replace your kitchen 

when it comes to improving your home one of the most common improvements to make is replacing the kitchen, this is appealing as most people like to entertain or spend time with family around the kitchen so creating a space that is both functional and enjoyable to sit in is important. Kitchen trends change so often that it is hard to keep up with but our friends at new kitchen Glasgow are expert in providing beautiful kitchens. www.newkitchensglasgow.co.uk

 Fit a new bathroom 

there is nothing more satisfying than relaxing in a new bathroom, and there are so many options when it comes to creating your new space. We have seen lots of new trends particularly this year people choosing to have their bathrooms tiled into wetrooms with big open power showers. the best way to think about what you want in your new bathroom is to take interest from social media like Pinterest then have a quote from a local supplier to see if they can replicate your vision. www.newbathroomsglasgow.co.uk

Create a feature wall

we couldn’t write this blog without writing about our own service, we are incredibly passionate about making bespoke feature walls both in commercial and domestic settings. If you are looking to create a room that is equally special regardless of whether you are having friends or family round for a film night or entertaining guests at a party, then you need to seriously consider one of our TV Media walls. Check out our gallery for inspiration or get in touch for a free quote. 

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