Burglar Alarms, CCTV & Security Systems in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

Along with our range of feature walls we also install a range of CCTV & Security Systems across Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Burglar Alarm Cost In Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

Feature Walls Scotland have a large number of burglar alarms in stock. Due to demand, we have a larger number of wireless alarm systems for homes and small businesses. Our range to buy outright starts at £250 supply only.

We offertory competitive rates and will help you pick out the best burglar alarm system for your home or small business so you know that the system you are purchasing is the best for you.

Get in touch today to arrange your appointment for your home in Scotland. Most of our supply and fits start at around £400.

CCTV Systems Cost In Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

CCTV Systems and CCTV cameras are the next steps in home & business security other than just having an alarm. In the UK, homes and business everywhere benefit from having a CCTV system installed on their property.

Glasgow and any area of Central Scotland for that matter are no different. Our CCTV supply prices start at around £300, for supply and fit prices start at £500. We also offer a monitoring service too so you can feel even safer.

Although a CCTV System is not a cheap investment, it is equally important that you don’t settle for a cheap option. Make a reasonable investment to ensure that your home or business is protected long-term.

House Alarm Systems Companies In Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

The burglar alarm & home security industry is a competitive market. Home security is purchased for good reasons so it’s imperative that when you purchase one, it is right for you. We provide a transparent quote so you know exactly what you are getting.

Buying cheap is foolish, always make sure that the quality of the system you purchase, the installation of the system and the monitoring meets the industry standard so you have peace of mind with your home security.

We will provide you with a tailored quote within one visit to your home or business. We recommend getting quotes from other businesses as we are confident that you will choose us based on our quality and reasonable prices.

Burglar Alarm Installation in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

When installing an alarm system, it is best left to a professional company such as ourselves. We have highly trained staff with an in-depth knowledge of electrics and the alarm systems we provide.

Burglar alarm systems are more advanced than ever, and getting more advanced thanks to wireless and WiFi alarm systems – fitting them yourself is not the best idea!

We have a wide range of systems perfect for most budgets and properties. The brands we use alone such as Yale & Chubb will protect your home or business.

House Alarms Supplied and Fitted in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

We have several well known, preferred suppliers within the home security industry that we have used for a long time, meaning we can offer burglar alarms, CCTV cameras and other home security equipment on almost any terms!

We have many customers that want to buy from us simply as supply only! We can also offer an install service on systems that have been pre-purchased. It is always better to contact us before buying your own system as you can take advantage of our vast knowledge.

A lot of people think that it is cheaper to buy a system and then have it installed but talking to our customers we have learnt that that is not the case. When we worked it out they were surprised to see that more often than not, it did not save more, and in many cases, cost more!

Contact us today for a transparent, expert quote!