Thinking of a Feature wall? This guide will help you make all the important decisions

What you need to think about:

Do you want a basic media wall or one with a fire?

Step 1: Do you want a fire?

When planning a feature wall we would say this is the first decision to make. Many people want their TV to be the vocal point of their wall and are not bothered about a fire whereas some of our customers see the fire as more important in the design. We have a full team of tradesman and can build out any ideas you come up with and try and encourage you to get involved in the process of designing and creating your wall. The only advice we would give is to create a list of needs and wants and that will help create a realistic budget for your project.

Feature Wall Without Fire

Feature Wall With Fire

Step 2: Who is supplying the fire?

The next stage in the process is deciding who is supplying the fire (assuming you have decided you want a design that incorporates a fire) We are partnered with Fireside, who are based in Seaward Street, Glasgow where we have built a small showroom displaying feature wall ideas. 

We specify Charlton & Jenrick fires as standard with any feature walls we make, these are a luxury product that has customisable flame and lighting options so you can set a mood in your home. These fires cost £2000, we understand this is not in the budget for everyone which is why we try and be as flexible as possible. 


If you don’t want one of the Charlton & Jenrick fires we supply you can either choose another fire from Fireside or you could even find a fire online to be used. 

feature wall with fire

Step 3: What will the design look like?

If you are making an enquiry it is also much easier for us if we have a point of reference, if you have seen any pictures on Instagram or Pinterest etc send it over and it lets us get an idea for how much work is involved etc.


As standard our feature wall prices are based on a chimney breast style shape, the cost will increase if you want to make it wider than this or have a custom design etc.

When it comes to lighting there are two main areas that lighting is used. Behind your TV LED lights are used, these are really popular as the colours are adjustable and can make movie nights great by changing the colour to suit the mood. 

If you choose to have a custom design wall that has storage space built-in, it is common to see people using spotlights. These are great if you plan to use the space to showcase art, trophies, sentimental items etc.

If you can think of any other way to use lighting on your wall, we are happy to talk about it and providing it is safe etc our electrician can bring your idea to life.

media wall with storage glasgow

What materials will be used?

The last thing to think about when planning your feature wall is what materials will be used to finish it? The materials used can turn your feature wall into something really special, since we started building feature walls we have used so many different materials. As standard, we will create your wall with timber, gyproc and skim with smooth plaster.


If you are looking to keep costs down, we can deliver the wall to you plastered and you can finish the decoration or you can choose from the following:

Venetian plaster
Decorative wood panelling
luxury wallpaper


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