Feature Wall With Fire

feature wall with fire

Luxury Electric Fires

Feature walls have skyrocketed in popularity over the last 18 months or so and you will find many companies starting to offer them. We decided that rather than trying to compete on price to be the cheapest option, we would instead strive to offer the best quality feature walls in the market, that is why we only offer luxury fires as part of our packages. A great looking fire can really make a room look striking in appearance, we have picked out some of the best on the market to offer

Fire Styles

feature wall with fire

3 Sided: Fire exposed at the front and both sides

2 Sided: fire exposed on the front and one side, ideal for open plan spaces as shown in the picture.

1 Sided: fire enclosed and only showing at the front. very popular with our customers.


We offer 3 standard sizes:



The models become more expensive the larger they get, and the larger models will also require more space when it comes to designing your feature wall. For advice or to book a free home survey give us a call on 08006890184