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When you come to us with an enquiry about building a feature wall, we will help you plan to make sure you get exactly what you want. Installing a feature wall is a reasonable investment so it is important to really think about what you want it to look like, the materials etc to make sure it is then a space you will love for years to come. A lot of people we speak to don’t really know what they want when we ask, so we offer a standard tv feature wall package to get you started, if at that point you realise there is things you either don’t want or there is things not included we can take things off or add new things on until we have created your perfect space. Our team is filled full of joiners, plasterers etc so even the most elaborate bespoke projects are still manageable for us.

Step 1 Building Your Frame

To start the process of creating your feature wall, we will create a wooden frame. The frame will be carefully thought about to perfectly support the feature wall design you have chosen. Our standard TV wall package is very simplistic looking however if you want to opt for a bespoke wall we can create the wall to have special storage areas which can be great to showcase things in your home, in the past we have created walls for boxers who have placed belts and trophies in the storage area and used lighting to make them the focal point.

This will house your fire, your AV boxes, gaming consoles and the space for your TV will be created to leave the exact amount of space so your TV runs flush with the wall. 

If you don’t have power on the wall where you want your feature wall, don’t worry we have an electrician on our team who will install 2 power sockets as standard with our package, If you require any further sockets or downlighting etc we can of course do that for you.

Step 2 Create the wall

Once your frame is complete and we are sure everything is level, there is provision for power etc we will then start to create the feature wall. 

We use Gyprock sheets to form a wall over the frame, this is then secured into place.

Smooth Walls: once the frame is secured and the walls are erected It is then important to get the walls smooth to prepare them for whatever you want to do with your wall. We will send in our plasterers who will do a smooth skim of plaster to leave your walls perfectly smooth

Decorate Your Wall

As standard we deliver walls finished with paint however the possibilities for what we could do are endless 

You could think about:

Venetian plaster comes in any colour and we can achieve so many different effects ranging from marble or solid stone effect, to concrete or we can even make it look like metal


Decorative Wood Panneling.


If you are looking for inspiration whilst researching feature walls, we always say the best place to look is instagram or Pinterest, then show us we can price any special materials etc and give you a quote accordingly.

Examples of Bespoke Walls

Bespoke feature wall glasgow
media wall with storage glasgow
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